It Just Seems Right

Slowly walking with my four daughters through the Houston Galleria, we passed a Zale’s jewelry store.

I’m not sure who first noticed the couple inside, but they quickly captured our attention.  The couple was looking at rings, and because they were trying them on her left ring finger, we assume it was a wedding ring.

The guy wore flip flops, blue jean shorts and a nice sleeveless t-shirt showing off his well developed muscles.  His hair was stylishly combed straight down on all sides.

She wore a cream colored sun dress with sandals, and her flowing brown hair was curled on the ends.

Everything about this couple was normal, except they were midgets.

The salesman appeared to be the same height, but as we walked by, we saw it was only because in a subtle, classy move, he had knelt down behind the jewelry counter to look them both in the eye.

It was a Kodak moment. The guy gently smiled as she put on each ring and showed him.  She was completely absorbed in the moment, and with a sincere sophistication, totally enjoying herself.

Granted, this would’ve been a special moment to see with any couple, but somehow the shortness of stature made the moment loom larger, and that much more special to witness.

They were so well paired, not because of size, but because they both had such charisma and charm that magnified together. It was as if they completed each other in a timeless, predetermined design.

Two of my daughters let out a simultaneous “Awe” as we walked outside the glass wall.  One turned around to walk the other way to see more.  We all followed suit.

It probably sounds bad, but we hid across the mall walkway so we wouldn’t be rude and stare….even though we were staring, at least we were staring in kind of a hidden, not right outside the glass wall openly gawking way.

Even so, in this huge, open, three story mall with mostly glass walls, we felt as if we were intruding somehow, so we walked on shortly afterwards.

I wonder if when they were teenagers, or for her, even when she was a little girl, if they ever thought and dreamed they would meet someone and get married.

Maybe they’ve known each other all their lives, or maybe just met, I don’t know.  I wonder too if they both find strength together, maybe much more strength, than “normal” heighted couples.

And for their families, I bet each side is equally delighted to welcome in a new family member. Yet, everything this couple faces is so much bigger than most people have to deal with from climbing stairs, reaching top kitchen cabinets, a commode, driving a car, working a job…..and all the other things we take for granted.

Even concerns about having children, social pressures, always feeling “different” or having people notice them and stare from a distance in a huge, open, three story mall with mostly glass walls while they’re just trying to find the perfect ring….hmmm.

I doubt we’ll ever see them again, but I wish them the very best this life has to offer, and hope the Lord of heaven pours a double measure of grace, blessings and smiles on their life together.

After all, it just seems right.


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