Just Say, Amen

Only the singers knew the song. It was alright. With some music and songs, you don’t have to know the words because the heart already knows.

After a few words, a gentle hush fell on the church congregation. The song began to resonate in hearts:

“But right here in this moment, May our strength be renewed, As we recall, what God has done, and how He’s seen us through.” 

The song moved into the verse. Something started…it was strength, encouragement, hope, healing…

The song continued:

“Anybody here found joy in the midst of sorrow? Peace in the storm, hope for tomorrow, And you’ve seen it time and time again, Say, Amen!”

In the semi-formal church, a young lady jumped to her feet with both hands raised high. She didn’t just reach. Her fingers stretched toward heaven, as if she were trying to reach and touch the Savior’s feet.  Her eyes were closed. Her heart was open.

She wasn’t making a show. Far from it.  It was quite out of the ordinary, and way out of her comfort zone. She was worshiping in public, but in a very private way.

A single tear rolled down her cheek, soon followed by another, then streams.  The problems, hurts, troubles, they all bubbled up from inside a place in her heart where few go. Each tear let a little more go. Each drop washed away more from the inside out.

Others felt it too.

Just Say, Amen story

The song spoke clearly:

“If there’s anybody here who’s seen His power, Anybody here brought through the fire, If there’s anybody here who’s found Him faithful, If there’s anybody here who knows He’s able, Say, Amen!”

A lady sitting near the front also stood and raised her hands. She too had her eyes closed. She too had tears pouring down her cheeks.  She too was not one who wanted any attention focused on her, but she was so thankful, so grateful for the healing power of the moment that pulsated through her heart. She too had experienced dark, hard days where everything seemed bleak and hopeless, yet during those days, her lifeline had been the King in heaven.

At the time, she didn’t know anyone else was standing.  It didn’t matter to her, but it would have, for the young lady standing up seven rows behind her was her adult daughter. Individually they both understood. They both knew. They both had experienced the fires of heartache and testing, much of it together.

Those who knew them understood well. They knew their stories. They knew their strengths. They knew their hearts. They knew the pain and trials.

But it wasn’t just these two ladies who could testify by standing with outstretched hands and streaming tears.  It is much, much bigger than that.

Just Say Amen story

…In a way, the two ladies represent every single person. They represent all ages, all times, all cultures, all nations.  They represent everyone’s greatest victory, every person’s deepest loss. They are every father’s aching soul, every mother’s empty arms. They are every child’s need, and every teenager’s insecurity. They are every lonely person, every successful business man who still feels like a failure.

They are the abused on the street, and the addict pushing in the needle. They are those living the American dream, and those who eat at a homeless shelter. They are those with hope dashed upon the rocks, and those with fulfilled dreams that still don’t satisfy the soul. They are the rich, the poor, the good, the bad, the happy, the sad. They are the strong, the weak, the fragile, the powerful. They are then. They are now. They are them. They are us…

As the tears flowed down the cheeks of those two ladies, right there in that moment God reached down to comfort and console their pliable hearts. Soon others stood until every single person there was standing.

The song sang true:

“Sometimes through the darkness, it gets hard to see, But be bold and courageous, and follow where He leads, Greater is the One who’s in us, than he who’s in the world, So child of God remember, the battle is the Lord’s!”

Some wept. Some raised their hands. Some bowed their heads.  Some shifted back and forth in uncomfortable aloofness wanting to keep the secrets, the turmoil and pain trapped in their minds and souls so the inner dam didn’t burst wide open releasing an uncontrollable tidal wave of emotion.

It’s not that believing in Christ makes life easier. Sometimes, it gets harder. The consequences of life choices, both good and bad, still play out. And on top of it, sometimes, bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to really bad people.

Yet, who is good, really?  Who doesn’t need the Touch? The Hope?  The Healing? Who doesn’t need Help in an ever-present time of danger? Who doesn’t need Light to their path? Who doesn’t need the Way as we travel our journey, whatever road that may be?

We all do. And for that, I say, amen!


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