Car Deal Gone Good

The seller dropped the keys in my youngest daughter’s hand, and with a smile, told her he had just filled up the gas tank for her too!

I’ve bought eight, yes eight used cars for each of my eight kids as their first vehicle.  Don’t be impressed. There is a set amount that has been the same for all of them.  They can spend more if they want with money they have saved, or they can spend less and take the extra cash and run.

After my initial investment, they pay their insurance, maintenance and registration tax. If they get a ticket, they pay the extra insurance costs.  It’s shared responsibility and a great lesson for life in the future.

So now my youngest daughter, the last of the Mohicans, is a proud car owner too! We started looking after The Old White Truck began to die a painful death from front end alignment issues, old age and worn brakes.  We’ll put transmission failure on the death certificate as the official cause of death.

Buying a used car is usually buyer beware.  Over the years though, I have been quite fortunate.  If you look in the right places, there are some very honest, nice folks we’ve dealt with.  That too is a good life lesson!

It is important to look, listen and learn about the car you may buy, but it’s far more important to look, listen and learn about the people selling the car.

Cars are mechanical.  People are character. People of character will automatically tell you about mechanical issues. People without character will automatically bypass mechanical issues.

So this past Sunday evening when we met a man selling a car for his daughter-in-law, I was interested more in the man’s character than the car’s.  And he was as honest as the day is long! He told us everything that had been done, not done, has happened, hasn’t happened to the car.

It was as dark as midnight molasses when we test drove it with even darker rain clouds on the horizon. Likewise, it was hard to see the paint job because it’s black too.

What made up for it was the light in the sellers!

Car Deal Gone Good story

The next day we agreed on a price and then, he lowered the hammer with something shocking, surprising, and totally unexpected.  There was a $125 part his son and daughter-in-law wanted to have put on the car to make sure it was as tip-top OK as they could possibly make it!

The next day we met to make the trade. The man and his wife, also a very pleasant lady, met us halfway to deliver the car.  He handed me the receipt for the part they had just paid the dealership to put on, but the receipt was more than what he had said.  Turns out, in addition to the part, they paid for a fresh synthetic oil and filter change!

When he dropped the key in Jessica’s hand, he dropped an extra key that he had just had made. He smiled and casually mentioned that he didn’t want her to get in her first car without a full tank of gas, so he had just filled it up!  I was in awe!

And then, as if there was any doubt before, he told Jessica that he and his son had prayed over the car asking God of heaven Himself to bless it, and for the car to be sound and solid for her for years to come!  Amazing!

There are some sorry, good for nothing people in this world who sometimes get a lot of attention. On the other hand, there are some genuine, kind, sincere people in this world who no one makes mention of, yet quietly make the world go round as the hands and feet of Jesus! These were hands and feet people.

Who knows about this car?  It’s a used vehicle. Anything can happen.  But even if it fell apart tomorrow, the car, and experience, would be worth every penny we paid!!

Car Deal Gone Good The first car of the last child!


24 thoughts on “Car Deal Gone Good”

  1. The car looks great and the smiling face is wonderful. We did the same thing for our kids and at one time had five cares and five drivers. My husband jokingly asked the insurance company for a fleet rate. All are adults now and have followed the pattern with their own kids. It works.

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  2. Our daughter got a car from us ( found by my husband, her Dad and approved by him.) It really is a right of passage. Our son who lives in London England does not drive. He never has. Yout daughter’s car looks perfect for her.

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      1. Oh i doubt that Jeff. There are other moments ahead ( which your older children may have ‘passed’ through). Marriage….grandchildren… But yes the car may be the last one that you are directly responsible for.

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  3. I love stories like this – it’s amazing to me how God brings just the right person or circumstance into our lives to bless us. This story really made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

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