The In-Between Seconds

In the brevity of a moment there are seconds, when noticed, that mysteriously blink.  Those blinks are where the essence of life is lived.  It is in the mystique of those brief seconds when everything can, and does, change.  Although those seconds may be understood, they are never adequately explained.

It’s the seconds between a baby in the womb, and the first breath of life.  It’s the seconds between a mindless, carefree drive in the car, and an explosion of the air bag.

In-between seconds are where life’s major, and minor, events are real, yet surreal, at the same time. It’s a spot, a sliver in time, where if you blink, you’ll miss it.  In-between seconds can escape without thought or notice of existence, yet therein lies the soft changes of time — and of life.

In-between seconds are those conscious, but unconscious seconds between awake and asleep, where you’re neither, but you’re both.  It’s the seconds between a normal daily routine, and a phone call with bad news. It’s the seconds between life on this earth, and life in eternity.

It’s those in-between seconds that are so real, so poignant, so changing.  To understand, to know what they are, to know what they mean, to experience those in-between seconds is to know the deepest significance of life.

It’s not just in-between second of events. If someone is fortunate enough to understand the whens, wheres and whys of the in-between seconds of decisions, then that person shall truly be wise.  To grasp what happens in the human mind during the in-between seconds of decisions is to grasp the essence of being human, and give us spectacles to see into the core of the soul.

To understand the seconds between decisions of right or wrong, forgive or hate, give or keep, buy or save, love or loathe, hope or despair, laugh or cry, judge or care, anger or kindness, persist or quit, believe or deny — those in-between seconds are where life is truly lived.  It’s in those fateful seconds between choices that we set the course of who we are.

Oh To Understand The In-Between Seconds

If I could ask God for anything, it may simply be to understand in-between seconds, for in-between seconds, those brief, fleeting, often spontaneous seconds, is where life’s destiny embarks to set sail, or sinks in the shallows.

Oh to understand in-between seconds…..

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