Listen to Silence

There is a draw that is as deep as the call of the wild.  Sounds of solitude, quiet, peace echo deep within a person’s heart. There is great treasure there, comfort, peace.

The constant barrage of traffic, TV, cell phones, music, constant stimulation all force quiet from the mind. The noise drives away peace like a drowning man gasping for life giving air, but only taking in a water death.

Sound gathers force, picks up momentum, and wisps its way past silence to leave us in a head pounding, over stimulation of constantly moving, changing, drowning noise.

Somewhere at the end of the noise is a place where silence welcomes one home, like a life long friend who’s always there with open arms, even when there’s no contact.

Listen to Silence

Silence gently beckons its lullaby of quiet tranquility and peaceful surrender as one by one cares and concerns begin to fall away.  It levels off in quiet, and then, and really only then, can one truly begin to hear.

The mind detoxifies itself of stimulation, sound, chatter and stress’ ongoing static.  Worries and troubles release like chaff and a gentle inner voice of calm peace makes harvest of the spirit.

Many can’t deal with the noise of silence.  Silence forces us to stop and listen to what is real, for only in midst of silence can one truly hear.

May you be blessed with quiet, still moments, for it is then we can hear the most.



13 thoughts on “Listen to Silence”

  1. Jeff – This is well written. Silence is very healing. The mind, the body and the spirit relax in silence. I live in almost complete silence. We only hear ocean waves, sea birds, and the hum of our refrigerator which needs to be replaced with a quieter model. I always enjoy your posts. Thanks !

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  2. Silence is beautiful.That’s why I love my walks in the park and any time I can get out in the midst of nature. I yearn for silence in the midst of all the noise of the city. One day I’ll find my modest house with a few acres on the outskirts of the city.

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  3. We have a lot of silence here. It is nice. Very quiet. I do well with quiet. But, too much silence can be lonely or even boring, at times. We don’t have a TV. I read. I write. I talk with people. We go places. We listen to music sometimes. I always have songs in my head. I don’t do well with a lot of noise. But I do enjoy the sound of my grandchildren playing with one another. That is joy! But I do like quiet. It is peaceful.

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