A Peace in a Piece of Water

A couple of weeks ago on a road up Mt. Ranier in Washington state, our group stopped at a roadside area.  We explored and found a waterfall that draws you in like a bee to nectar.

Nature’s charm began to mesmerize me from mind to the deepest part of the soul.

No thoughts. No worries. No concerns.

Roaring water sang a magical tune that dropped its spell over the heart.  Rushing water crashing on rocks below washed the present away to expose a taste of eternity.

For two minutes in a public place I was hypnotized in a private world for what seemed two hours.  No one was around, but people were everywhere.

Sounds of the chaotic water dancing, carving, bouncing in spirographic rhythm was peaceful. Time stopped. There was unity with water. Falling water, trillions upon trillions of drops, fleeing the frozen mountain.

A Peace of a Piece of Water

The water was a blur, but one solitary drop of water fell to the side of the rushing mass and zoomed into focus.  Surely this drop had life…

My eyes framed the water in perfect harmony with time, intently focused on it falling in real-time, but in slow motion, Matrix manner.  Suspended in time, one drop fell.

I don’t know how, and it sounds over the top, maybe even insane, but somehow I knew that drop of water.  I saw it. I felt it. I knew its heart. I wanted to catch it, put it in a little glass bottle on the shelf with a name and keep it forever.

Somehow if I could hold that drop of water, time would cease as it is known.  For two minutes, time didn’t seem to exist.  Only contentment.  A total peace that seldom floods the heart soothed body, mind and soul in perfect unity with one, single drop of falling water.

A Peace in a Piece of Water

I lost it. It fell back into the rushing water rejoining the stream of life.  It’s there. I’m not sure where, but somewhere it’s holding itself together locked arm in arm with its molecule family of H2O.

Someone calls my name. The hypnosis is broken. The trance of dancing droplets responds in kind. The Matrix is removed. Everything speeds back up into living color and my mind no longer sees drops, only rushing water.

I miss the peace in that drop of water.  Part of me is still there at the waterfall, still watching, still seeing falling drops linger in the life of nature.

Run well drop of water.  Bring life again and again, and wherever you go, carry that life with you.  I will always remember your peace, even if it was only a piece of the water…


18 thoughts on “A Peace in a Piece of Water”

  1. Sometimes the magnificence of nature stops me in my tracks. You wrote this post so beautifully and descriptively. When our gray foxes visited our garden recently, I was just awestruck staring at them for 30 minutes. I looked around and my cat’s eyes were as round as mine!

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