People Patchwork

I bought a bust on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  At 90% off I snatched the last one up like a large mouth bass after a Carolina rig.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized my new purchase was damaged at the shoulder.  In fact, it had a really big hole in it.  At first I started to leave it like it was because looking straight at it, you couldn’t see anything wrong.  But turn it ever so slightly, and there was the gaping hole.

With a little bit of plastic cement and some poor, ragged patchwork, the hole was fixed, even though it’s obvious it’s been repaired.  After a couple of coats of spray paint, it was all the same color and not as blaringly obvious.

Now it’s on my desk in our home office. The pleasant, gently smiling woman looks like all is good, but on close examination, there’s “patchwork” hidden in plain sight.

There are broken pieces in every person too.  Sometimes they’re well-known.  Sometimes, not. But there are always, always broken pieces or parts that aren’t quite right.

People Patchwork

It’s odd that our human nature is to cover up and shield the broken pieces.  The deeper it goes in the heart, the more necessary it seems to cover and protect.

The cruel irony of protecting a broken piece inside is that it often makes it worse.  Like a dog licking its wounds in self soothing comfort, protecting, hiding, shielding the broken pieces can lead to a self-inflicted internal catastrophe.

Few people have the courage to open the curtains and show their broken pieces. Even fewer survive the emotional turmoil and chaos if there’s rejection when the curtains open, and thus we keep the curtains closed.Patchwork storyIn some ways, women understand this far better than men.  It seems women tend to take more chances, even with the risk of being hurt, abandoned or rejected.

Men usually have a smaller circle of support, so when it hits a man, he often withdraws like a turtle in its shell, but unlike the turtle, he may never poke his head out again.

Look close enough at people and regardless of how well they look, there are broken places covered with nothing more than plastic cement and paint.

Handle those places in people with care. It looks solid, but it’s just patchwork.

12 thoughts on “People Patchwork”

  1. I am not sure that women understand it more than men, I just think that men are taught differently. Now-a-days, things might be evening up more, but in the old days “boys didn’t cry”, they had to buck up and “be a man” . . . and on and on. So it is difficult – in my opinion (of course, this is ALL my opinion) – for men to identify their emotions, much less show them and show their pain/wounds. And yes, we all/many hide our flaws/broken pieces.

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    1. True! Part of it is culture for sure! And people in general often tend to cover up those areas as a sense of self protection, maybe sometimes even out of pride. Maybe men do it more out of a sense of pride. ?

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      1. Could be, but, I still think men have it tough because if a woman were to break down in public and cry people would come to her aid, if a man were to do it, people would think something was wrong with him. I would imagine that pride has a little to do with the covering up in all cases.

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  2. You’re right, everyone has flaws, and we’re all vulnerable in one way or another. Some people are just more adamant about hiding theirs, I find that they are sometimes the most fragile of all. Lots of good thoughts here, Jeff. Thanks!

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  3. “It’s odd that our human nature is to cover up and shield the broken pieces. The deeper it goes in the heart, the more necessary it seems to cover and protect.”—ain’t that the truth! Exposing our flaws and broken pieces takes a lot of courage and some of us haven’t worked up enough courage yet to potentially be hurt again, although the anonymity provided by the internet helps. I agree with terrepruitt that it’s probably even harder for men because of the stigma of weakness associated with vulnerability.

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    1. True. Everyone has those places, those spots that need the help and healing. I know your personality type quite well, Mia, and it is hard to open back up and take that chance, even more so some time for those rare types! Peace to you, Mia! And, happy writing!!!

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