Abiding Sunrise

Sometimes it’s just enough to trod through the day to day issues and simply make it through.  The award for those days is to simply collapse in bed at day’s end.  Everyone has them.  It’s part of being human, I guess.

But to stay there doesn’t work.  To stay in those days is like digging a tunnel through the darkness of an underground cavern with no escape hatch.  To remain in those days is to remain in the tunnel gliding through life like a bat in the dark because we’re too worried, too busy or too tired to see light outside the underground cavern.  Sure, life moves along, but it’s not the same as soaring in the light of clouds.


It’s not so much the big things that we forget or miss in life because the click of a camera usually catches those moments.  It’s the thousands upon thousands of little things that make life rich, or poor.

The poor skim the surface of today, like a kid skipping rocks on water, but the rich dive deep into the essence of today’s river wanting to know each molecule of H2O in a meaningful way.

The poor have a lot of money, while the rich have an abundance of peace and hope.

The poor go with a feeling, but the rich go with feelings, intellect and senses.

The poor see the hands of a clock pointing to a moment, but the rich see the clock hands as an infinite, yet finite, ongoing circle of time.

The poor see their worth in other’s eyes, but the rich see their worth in the eyes of eternity.

The poor need their wounds soothed, but the rich soothe other’s wounds, which in turn helps heal their own.

The poor see a path in the day, but the rich see a path in darkness.

The poor see what is, the rich anticipate what will be.

Today, I hope you are rich, not poor.  I hope you can paint the air, smell the music, listen to a sunset, taste tomorrow, touch the future.


I hope you can sit and wonder — wonder at what is, but isn’t — wonder at what could be, but hasn’t been — wonder at what is seen, but blindly misunderstood — and wonder at the gift of today, because today cannot be exchanged for another.

I hope you breathe deeply and not just trod through only to collapse in bed tonight, but rather watch stars, not for the star’s sake, but for those around you.

I hope, regardless of your situation or circumstances, that you find peace in the fact that tomorrow there will be an abiding sunrise.

Who knows?  For the best is yet to come.

11 thoughts on “Abiding Sunrise”

  1. What a beautiful,insightful and encouraging story. Thank you for sharing with those of us who need reminders to take off the blinders and watch a beautiful sunrise.

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