Something woke me up at 3:41 AM this morning. Sometimes it’s insomnia, but not today.

Sometimes you wake up slowly and realize you’re stretching, feeling the freedom of every muscle movement. Sometimes you wake feeling completely rested, healthy and whole. Sometimes you know something woke you, but not sure what, and your mind begins a gentle wander wondering about chicken spaghetti, Snicker Doodles and peaches.

Sometimes you think the dog may have fleas because you hear it scratching in its crate. Sometimes you think of people and see their smiles and hear their voices and hope they’re sound asleep, or like you, completely rested. Sometimes you hear a noise and question how in the world you ever missed the ceiling fan’s sound as the quiet electric motor swirls the air.

Sometimes story

Sometimes you wake and wonder exactly how electricity works and how it is readily present and available in a plug, but it’s being generated at the same time. Sometimes you wonder if electricity can go stale.

Sometimes you randomly think about a poor little boy in China who lives in the streets searching for his next food source and if he’ll get caught stealing it just to survive. Sometimes you think about an Iraqi Christian father who’s trying to get his family out of the country to safety so his sons avoid being forced to fight for evil, his daughters sold into Muslim slavery, and he and his wife lose their heads.

Sometimes you wonder where the stuff they put in toothpaste comes from. Sometimes you think about what it was like to live a hundred years ago and what the very spot of land where you’re at looked like two hundred years ago.

Sometimes you think about the feeling on the very end of your nose even when nothing is there. Sometimes you wonder who the nearest person to you is who’s bungee jumping at this very moment.

Sometimes you wonder if there are smells and sounds in space, and how far the next galaxy is, but the magnitude of outer space overwhelms you, so you just make a mental note to remember to pay the water bill later in the day.

Sometimes you wonder if you could be at such peace and contentment that you could see grass grow. Sometimes you wonder what the people in the hospital five miles away have endured the last 24 hours.


Sometimes story

Sometimes you lay in the quiet breeze of the still circling ceiling fan and wonder why you are so lucky, so blessed, for no apparent reason. Sometimes you go back to sleep just a little longer until the gentle beat of an alarm stirs slumber to consciousness.

Sometimes you wish you could freeze time and add it as a storage closet in your mind so you can walk in any time you want and relive it over and over.

Sometimes it’s good to envision the future, and sometimes the past, but today, today it’s good to be right here, right now and ponder just a little smidgen of life.

Now, it’s time to get up and make it happen.


10 thoughts on “Sometimes”

  1. I will once again be back after these laughing tears quit rolling down my face! I was up at 2:30. About to take a nap! Some of the things you say and use JUST CRACK ME UP! Oh, I needed this today! God Bless, SR

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  2. Hey Jeff,

    Okay, tissue is in the trash. LOL!

    Seriously though, as I was reading this it brought me to the place of how much our thoughts go in so many different directions at certain times in our days and lives.

    Some bring bewilderment, others joy, and others sadness. They can come on so quickly, and now it has me wondering, “Where in the heck do they come from?/Why do they come at those certain moments?”

    Like you said, staying where we are at is really the best place to be. God Bless, SR

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  3. Such a perfect capture of the way our minds work as we are drifting in and out of sleep, Jeff. And what lovely thoughts… fleeting… but demonstrate so much about our lives and what we value. Loved this post. So brilliant and creative.

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  4. I love this! I have so been there. Last night for me it was. The ceiling fan, the fate of Rohinga refugees, and why have I been so lucky to recover from and survive serious illness, and so on it goes. Thanks for your reflections of the night.

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  5. Profound! Amazing how our thoughts flash through our minds. incredible that sharing your thoughts with each of us makes a connection. What a blessing from God to have the capacity to think. share, live and remember those thoughts.

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