A Dove’s Search

Then Noah sent out a dove to see if the water had receded from the surface of the ground. Genesis 8:8

A dove feathers through the wind,
In solace quest to seek,
For peace and hope that claims a chair,
At the table of the meek.

For somewhere in the midst of waves,
A promise is her goal,
To loose the boarded spirit,
And free the humbled soul.

The pleasure in a journey,
Comes seldom while in flight,
But wings that rest in virtue,
Soar gentle through the night.

Consolation plays a part,
To ease a weary wing,
But aspiration drives the flight,
To hear the angels sing.

Yet on and on the flight goes forth,
While strength begins to wane,
To seek a place to rest her foot,
Or find the window pane.

Stroke by stroke the air falls way,
And onward does she fly,
Nothing but a sea below,
A thought that she may die.

An inward tear within the heart,
Can cause a doubt to dare,
Allow her hope to stumble lost,
And lead her to despair.

Then courage lifts and takes the thought,
Dissolves despair away,
For strength returns from breast to wing,
There always is a way.

To fly and find a land of life,
A promise is her goal,
But today she shall not find the place,
To rest her weary sole.

A Dove's Search poem



15 thoughts on “A Dove’s Search”

  1. Oh my….this is really a lovely poem and reflection on the scripture. Poor dove. But…she does not perish. She shall fly again and perhaps the next time find somewhere to land. Thank you Jeff for this. Just what I needed today.

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