Miniature Rose Surprise

A retired elderly couple, probably in their late 70’s, was making their way into Wal-Mart as I pulled into a parking spot.  They were dressed like they had just come from church and were in no hurry to get anywhere fast.

By the time I got in the front door, the elderly woman was bent over a display table just inside the door admiring a red heart flower pot with miniature red roses growing in it.  She was short, well dressed and had her blue-gray hair fixed up for her Sunday best.

He was a tall man with a relaxed, easy-going expression.  He was quite dignified and had an air about him that he was a thoughtful, well-educated man.

Still looking at the flowers, she said to him, “Aren’t these pretty! They never had anything like this until the last few years.” 

He seemed unimpressed and stayed at her side as she leaned back over on the buggy handles pushing her way to the grocery isles as he walked slowly by her side.

About five minutes later, I saw the same gentlemen, and although he was obviously trying to walk faster, he was still moving slow.  He eyed the red flower pots and picked up one with a lot of little red roses blooming in it.

Miniature Roses Story!2

I slid into the express checkout line behind him.  The cashier thanked him for his purchase and told him to have a good day.  “Oh, I’m coming right back in”, he told her.  “I’m buying this for my wife and going to go hide it in the trunk for Valentines Day.”

I checked out and the elderly gentleman, who was parked in a handicap parking space for his wife, was opening his trunk.  He carefully secured the gift, gingerly closed the trunk and went back into Wal-Mart in a slow, hurried amble so he wasn’t missed.

Quite honestly, I would love to have heard their conversation yesterday about the gift he gave her.  Somehow, I think their words would have summed up what real Valentines is all about.


22 thoughts on “Miniature Rose Surprise”

      1. Well done, again, Jeff, and I, John, am grateful that our Father allowed you to observe this beautiful testimony so that it could be shared with all of us!
        And Jane is very grateful too!

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