Dear Claira

Dear Claira,

Welcome to this side of our world! We’ve been waiting a long time to see your pretty granddaughter face! You’ve been enjoying another life the last 9 months in the peace, comfort and care of your mother. You’re still actually getting the same things from your mother, it’s just in a new, different way.945935_10151454692612017_1099065294_n.jpg

My guess was that you would be born a week earlier than April 18 because there was a full moon. Even though the moon wasn’t completely full, it was bright the night before you were born! I hope the moon is always special to you, Claira.  I hope the moon gives you a sense of peace, awe and wonder!

When you get older, stare at the moon. Watch the stars. Let them remind you that there are bigger, more important things out there. Let it also remind you that you are not the center of the universe. That’s not to say you’re not important. Not at all! You are fearfully and wonderfully made!! But life is not all about what you need, think or want. Life, real and fulfilling life, is about the Creator who lit the skies by day and hung the moon by night! That’s where life is!

It’s predictable. The moon cycles in circles. So does life. Each cycle, each circle, each season of life has its own light, and laughter, its own darkness, and tears, its own struggles, and celebrations. In every season of life there will be good days, and some, not so good. Throughout life, look for the good of the moment you’re in. Focus on the cycle and season of life you’re in whatever, and whenever, it is. There is good there.

Claira, when there are hard days in life, and there will be, please know they will pass even when they feel like forever. Taste every day. Chew the sweetness out of the good times, but don’t begrudge the moments that taste like bitter herbs. Bitter herbs make you stronger. They help you appreciate good times even more.

So when the night is dark and the moon hides, slow dance with tears. When the night is bright and the moon is full, dance carefree with your shadow. Either way, dance. Remember, there’s always more room to dance when you look up to the skies than down at your feet.

It’s rare in life to see the whole picture, Claira. Even if you see today, or yesterday, perfectly, tomorrow may be painted outside the lines that you think are supposed to be there. It’s OK. Take it as it comes. Don’t let darkness overtake you. Walk with a lamp unto your feet and a light to you path! Ultimately, it is your choice how you will see it. See the good!

Remember when you’re angry, what you feel like doing is usually the exact opposite of what you should do.

Never promise the moon if you can only deliver moon dust.  And remember, a little bit of confession and honesty dust, can cover a multitude of mountain lies.

Don’t trust secrets with someone who tells you other people’s secrets.

Once in a blue moon you’ll find a true friend. Treasure and hold on to that friendship! Your friends are a reflection of who you are. Choose good friends, because if you run with dogs, you will get fleas!movie-moon-bike-size-colour-blue-18931-36941_medium.jpg

You can make a difference in many things Claira, but if you want to change the world, change yourself first.

There are things worth fighting for. If you ever have one of those fights, win. Absolutely, win! On the other hand, walk away from petty or unnecessary battles. A true measure of a person is in moving ahead, not showing their behind. And besides, everyone’s behind has the same expression!

How pretty you are has little to do with your hair, jewelry or clothes. How beautiful you are has everything to do with your eyes, smile, words and heart!

Don’t trust teenage boys or college guys. Listen to your Daddy and brother about boys. If your Daddy gives them the thumbs up, it’s OK to proceed, with caution. If your Daddy gives a thumbs down, don’t proceed at all, ever.

Clean your room. Chaos starts with an unmade bed.

Say thank you often. Laugh until your side hurts every chance you get, but never miss a good time to shut up.

You’re not entitled to anything, Claira, so learn how to work from your Daddy!

Kindness is king, so learn kindness and love from your Mama!

Play with frogs, so one day when Cooper puts one in your toothbrush drawer, you’ll just laugh.

Share your heart, so you and Grace grow into lifelong friends, not just sisters.

Think big. Dream bigger. Plan huge. Expect little.

Remember, you’ll never reach the moon if you don’t get off the launchpad!

It’s better to be wise than smart, and it’s better to be smart than naive.

Work hard. Play regularly. Read constantly. Study intensely. Sing joyfully. Smile always.

And by the way Claira, when you’re in school, don’t let math and fractions drive you crazy! A fraction is just a piece of a part of a whole, in number form. So relax. Enjoy learning about fractions. There is an answer. There will always be an answer, even when you don’t know how they will all add up.

In life, there are fractions too. You’ll only see and understand pieces and parts. Rarely will you ever get to see the whole picture. Just make your common denominator the One who made the moon and stars, and then any numerators you have will fit into place, even when you don’t know how they will all add up.

Follow Jesus! Don’t just believe. Lots of people believe. Most don’t follow. Years and years before you ever know yourself, He already knew you! He even put Himself in a place so you could choose to follow Him. He has nail scars to prove it! Love Him with all your heart, mind and soul, and then love others as yourself.

Life is an adventure, Claira! It’s not always what you think, not always what you want, sometimes not even what you deserve, but life is good, really, really good!

Live fully Sweetie, and welcome to the family!!th.jpg



Psalm 8:1-5

3 thoughts on “Dear Claira”

  1. What a sweet and powerful love letter, every little girl would just love to get one of those from their Daddy! And congratulations to you and your wife!


    1. Lol. Janet and I have eleven children between us, but this is to our granddaughter. I’m not sure I’d have the energy or the brain cells left for a little one again! But it is true about what they say about grandkids — they are the best!!

      Liked by 1 person

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