What Will He Do?

His gloved hands grasped the reins of his horse. He gave Domino a gentle nudge with the heel of his boots. He knew what to do and began the long trek home with a gentle plod. There was still more fence to mend. He’d gone out on a limb and put his entire net worth into these acres and cows.

There was so much more work to do, but no more time, not today. The sun was going down. With each plod toward home, his mental checklist for tomorrow grew bigger, with more jobs, more tasks to do.

At least the fence patch job will last for the time being.

Tomorrow’s Sunday.

Sunday, the only day his Daddy, God rest his soul, never worked. His father always took off on Sundays and went to church. He rested, played, and always, always let the horses rest.

It was dark at the barn. He gave Domino a quick rinse, rubbed down his flanks, and gave him fodder to feed.

A question nagged him though. It was as if he were at a subconscious crossroads. He could get caught up if he worked tomorrow and skipped the little country church service, the same one he’d grown up in.

Sure, the work would still be there Monday if he didn’t work, but then again, wouldn’t God still be there Monday if he did? No one would probably miss him anyway. And really, what would it hurt?

He didn’t know he was making one of the most important decisions he’d faced in a long, long time, one that would effect the outcome of his life far more dramatically than he could possibly imagine.

For many people, it wouldn’t matter much at all. After all, it’s just one Sunday. Not for him. For him, it is a pivotal point in time. It’s an off ramp from the super highway to a feeder for a very rocky road going a whole another direction.  He just doesn’t realize it, not yet, for either path he takes, it will be years before he fully realizes the consequences.

He showered, ate, and went bed exhausted.

He will decide tomorrow morning what he’ll do this Sunday, and unknowingly, decide the priorities of his life.


14 thoughts on “What Will He Do?”

  1. He’ll follow his inner voice…and, with faith and love, he’ll trust that he made the right choice. He’s only human, so he’ll have doubts, but this God’s given inner strength will always bring him Home.
    My insights…I wonder if he would agree with me ☺. Thank you for writing so deep and touching…Be blessed!

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  2. It’s not just a cowboy that faces these decisions. Many different people do so from all walks of life thinking the same thoughts. This is a thought provoking story for each of us..As for the cowboy, I think he got up Sunday morning and went to church because in his heart that is all he could do.

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  3. Great story that leads us all to think. In our busyness, we don’t often stop to think about the ramifications of what we think are “simple” decisions. By the way, although I don’t live in the great state of Texas, I too love horses! Thanks for sharing this story.


  4. Ah! this is a thought provoking post. I think we all make these decisions and sometimes without the awareness of the long term impact. It’s is like the Robert Frost poem and the choice of the path less travelled “And that made all the difference.”

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    1. Hmm…you’re right about the Robert Frost poem and decisions. And there’s so many we make every day: spend or save, TV or exercise, bacon wrapped cheeseburger or salad, resent or forgive, encourage or attack…. And Anne, with your experience with horses, do most people like, if not love, horses? Even if it is just a fascination with them???

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