Fires of Life

Janet and I have eleven children between the two of us, and the count’s at 9 on grandchildren. We’re thinking there’s plenty more to come, especially since 5 of the kids aren’t married yet.

We bought a place last year that was right for family and grandchildren.  I built a standard wooden swing set from a hardware kit.  Easy peasy. But it needed more!

We looked at playground ideas and my imagination ran as wild as an East Texas roadrunner.

Then a blast from the past popped up on Pinterest, a firetruck.  I grew up around that!  My dad was a volunteer fireman for years, and two of those years I was the official “mascot” of the fire department. That’s pretty cool for an elementary age kid!

I knew about an old fire truck which had been sitting in a field rusting the last 22 years. I got permission and scavenged pieces and parts. 

I was in hog heaven!  For several weeks I would mess around after work with pieces of wood to build a firetruck for the grandkids to play on!


Maybe it’s a grandparent thing. I don’t know. But somehow building and doing something especially for grandkids is deeply satisfying. My son-in-law works at a body shop and painted a small panel off the firetruck as well as the only thing not from it, a grill off an old United States Postal carrier Jeep.

It may sound silly, but the firetruck became a mixture of sentimental, creative and practical, with the crowning jewel of knowing the grandchildren can play on it for years.


I wonder what it be will like in twenty or thirty years. The metal, brass and aluminum pieces will last longer than the treated wood, and unless it’s maintained, weak spots can develop over time where the metal and wood attach.

But what seems cool and relevant to the grandkids right now, like being a fire department mascot as a kid for me, will no doubt turn into distant memories.

Twenty years from now nothing will be the same. The only consistent thing in life is change. Society, technology, people, we change, we grow, develop, deteriorate.  The world I knew as a child is so incredibly different than the world my grandchildren know.

In some ways, we are better off.  But I wonder if in the most important things, the foundation, the fabric of our culture, if we aren’t falling apart at the seams at a beatnik speed. What will be consistent for the children and grandchildren? It doesn’t look like much.

They need roots, a place to always go that is solid and dependable.  We want to be that in people form for the grandkids, but they need more than people.

They need something for the fires of life.  Water from a firetruck may help, but they need Living Water, from the One who walked on water.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

Time, people, firetrucks come and go, but the Word of God endures forever. (Isaiah 40:8b)

I’m convicted that the time and effort I put into a playground firetruck is good, but not best. Time and effort pointing to the Truth is best!

May the children, and our children’s, children’s children, know, stand and live on that consistent, solid foundation.  Even when everything else changes, may they know the One who always remains the same.

In the mean time, climb on the firetruck and play!



35 thoughts on “Fires of Life”

  1. Oh, I LOVE it! You are a craftsman, an artist in your own right! But of course, you are! Your writing hints of a wealth of creativity! Your grandchildren will love it, and as you play with them, the truths you teach will take care of the rest! 🙂 Best way to pass along Truth to small children is through imaginary play… I’m sure you know this! And I suspect that is already your plan and practice! God bless you, my talented brother in the Lord! 🙂

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    1. Lynn, you a constant source of kindness and encouragement! I know you and your husband have the same values and want to, have, and do pass on that same Truth!! Peace to you sister!!


    1. I can see your kiddos on this, with Declan at the steering wheel telling everyone else to gear up and hold on tight!

      Y’all are giving your clan that foundation of faith and love for life, Robyn!

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  2. This is beautiful in so many ways. It is wonderful to be grandparents and create memories with our grandkids. Tonight I had a “girl’s night” with 2 of my granddaughters who are both six. I have an eleven year old daughter so she makes it extra special for them, as they both only have brothers. I heard them laughing and saying this is the best sleepover EVER. Well, as six-year-olds, they haven’t had many sleepovers. LOL.

    You are right, so MUCH has changed from “our” childhood. AND the only constant is JESUS. I am past grateful. I have a Facebook friend who is in his late eighties. He was stating how so much has changed and how he missed, the good ole’ days. I made the same statement that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. We will have many memories to make when we all gather in heaven. Hmm, that’s a thought. But for now, like you, I pass on what I have, time with the grandkids. Thank you for sharing. Your playground equipment is fantastic. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Love that your 11 year old daughter makes it special for your 6 year old granddaughters! I grew up with an uncle who was a little over 3 years older than me, and we grew up more like cousins!! It’s the first best friends!! Appreciate your kindness!!!

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  3. Eleven children! Wow, your quiver was full! Amen to the sentiment, and I love the firetruck, too! It’s true as grandparents (and parents too) all we can do is show the children the right Way, Truth, and Life by example and pray they stay on that path.

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