Climb The Mountain

Shake the desert sand out of your shoes. Get the pebble out of the toe. There’s a mountain to conquer.

It’s not too big or tall, not too steep or too rocky to be settled. It can be done. No matter what the circumstances, it can be conquered. There is a way.  The size of the mountain is not as much of a limit as how we think about it.

There’s always fresh challenges, additional issues, new problems. There’s always something different that starts to make the mountains look the same.

I want the green, lush valley of rest, where gentle breezes and bubbling brooks wind their way through the trees and flowers.  I want the easy path instead of a hard climb, the gentle road, not of the stony trail, but that’s not how it usually goes.

Climb anyway.

The questions, the doubts of mind stand as monstrous gargoyles bewildering every ounce of faith and hope. Be gone you devilish fiends! Leave, you ghoulish beasts!  Stand aside as I march through pressing toward the higher prize!

Don’t tell me I can’t climb and pass this mountain too! Don’t tell me it can’t be done! Don’t tell me it is impossible and the odds are never in my favor.

Don’t count out the aged years! Don’t think me weak and settled because of gray hair, stiff joints or aging body, for that would be a fatal mistake.

Hear, and hear well.

I am a warrior, a conqueror, a victor.  Past defeats and failures do not determine today’s victory.  Life, these mountains, these moments, they have more reason than ever before!

Death is no obstacle! The only death in the journey is in retreat and surrender. Besides, if you have nothing worth dying, you have nothing worth living for.

Climb Your Mountain

Shake the desert sand from your shoes. Remove the pebble lest you forget your goal and consider it a boulder under foot. Remove them now or you will become disillusioned, for he who looks down as he walks loses his way, but he who looks up continues on the straight and narrow!

Life is not meant for chains, but freedom.  Be free of bondage, free of fear, free of the wounds of life, free of constraints that others place upon the shoulders.  Be free, and free indeed!

Humble yourself before the Lord and in due time He will lift you up.  Bend your knee before the King that you may stand tall.  Fall before the Savior so you can run in high places!

Climb That MountainGive me that mountain! Give me that trouble! Give me that hardship! But give me that joy also, the pleasing aroma! Give me that victory!

Charge up your mountain! Raise your sword in one hand while raising the other hand in praise!  Mount up as it were on the wings of eagles! Soar beyond the clouds! Shout to the Lord in triumph for the heavens declare the glory of the God!

Don’t peaceably fade into darkness, but forcefully charge into Light.  The I Am that I Am gave you your mountain! Claim your mountain!  Claim the time, the gift, the promise of Yahweh, for it is not by might, nor by power, but by the spirit of the Lord!

He is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End, the First and Last!  He is my shield and buckler! He is my ever present defense!

So, here I stake my claim! Here I place my trust! Here I anchor my hope! Here I make my stand! Here I fight the fight!  Here! This war! This battle! This ground! This moment!

Here, here and now, shout..……SHOUT!! For the Lord has given you the mountain!!!

Joshua 14 1112a


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