Life Changes

One of the most consistent things in life is that it changes.

Change constantly swirls around the atmosphere of life in the spiritual, emotional and physical spheres.

Change allows sunshine, and rain, to fall below.

It’s not all bad, not all good.

It is, however, inevitable.

Yet change, maybe just for me, is usually difficult and often seems unkind, unremitting.

Change is like drinking the bitter taste of stagnant water. It must be swallowed, but refusing to swallow is not an option, for otherwise, death by dehydration is the only alternative.

One way or the other, change happens.

Anyone who resists is severely wounded for resisting the inescapable, even to the point of being taken under.

Change, both good and bad, is constant, never ceasing, seldom showing mercy to anything in its path.

Some things of beauty are birthed from change.

Others quietly erode.

Others, instantaneously gone.

Today will not be the same tomorrow, and yesterday has already been changed by today.

Past goodness serves only as a flimsy barrier to divert the rushing waters of change from eroding all planted in its path.

Yet, with each day, each hour, each moment, change happens.

Change can’t be stopped.

Can’t be slowed.

Can’t even be sidetracked.

Life Changes

It matters little what it means.

It just happens, and keeps happening.

It doesn’t stop, like waves on the sea shore rolling in and out.

In and out.

In and out.

I suppose it very callous to think that very little survives change.

Yet, very little does.

Hallmarks of strength, honor, dignity and goodness are often torn and attacked the most, or so it seems.RabBits 18

Kings and kingdoms rise.



Power and the strong rise.



Unrelenting, unforgiving, unending tides of external, internal, and even eternal forces pull away at the weaker sinew exposing, as it were, the very skeleton of one’s being.

Yet, even bones may be broken and crushed by change, and oh to simply long for broken bones.




11 thoughts on “Life Changes”

  1. With aging definitely comes change. I feel it more this year than any before. I don’t have the same energy I had before. I tire more easily. I take naps during the daytime. My body is slowing down and so is my mind. I am more forgetful than before. I don’t multi-task like I used to. Yes, I am definitely feeling change this year. I can relate.

    Thanks, Jeff. This blog post of yours was very well written and expressed.

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  2. Jeff, thank you for providing fodder for me. I praise the Lord that He is immutable and planned that we would be changeable so that He would conform us to the image of HIs Son. Embarking on my 80th, I am grateful to say that He has taught and still proves that though our physical existence is waining and wasting, His Spirit is refreshing us every year. With change everything becomes new in His kingdom.

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