Dear God

Dear God,

There’s so many things I don’t understand, so I’m writing You hoping You can swoop down and take care of things, at least the questions.

Like, why do kids starve in parts of the world? And why was a child somewhere, probably a lot close than we want to think, abused beyond measure by someone who is supposed to care and love them?

And God, why do you let evil people kill in the name of false gods? And why does it rain like crazy one year, then a drought the next….wouldn’t it be better to just even it out?

Why do people have to die in car wrecks, and why are old people often forgotten in nursing homes when they have the greatest experiences and wisdom of all?

And God, just why did you give people an appendix?

How do we get lonely on a planet with 7.8 billion people on it?  Why do we forget to say hello, thank you and excuse me to both You, and others?

And how do I maintain the good pride, God, the one that spurs on hard work, quality and self confidence, yet keep it from turning into the bad pride, the one that is stubborn, arrogant and self-righteousness?

Dear God

And why does rain fall on the just and unjust? That doesn’t seem fair.  Shouldn’t bad things happen to bad people, and good things to good?  But then again, who is truly good?

And why are trust and hope so fragile, yet anger and bitterness so strong?

I’ve got so many questions God, like why do we breathe, eat and go to the restroom?  You didn’t have to make us like that.

And how can the shrill of a crying baby be so unsettling, yet a baby sleeping in the arms RabBits 28be so peaceful?

I don’t get it.

I do know, God, that you’re watching over the world, and I know Jesus is preparing a place in heaven for His followers.

But sometimes God, and maybe I’m really off base here, but sometimes I wonder why things right now can’t be like heaven then, you know?

Many proclaim motivational lines, theological explanations and Sunday School answers. But what about when we feel the burn where the rubber meets the road?

One day I’ll be able to ask You all of it.  You’ll patiently explain what I can’t see or understand right now, but still, sometimes down here I feel completely in the dark.

I guess if You explained it all I still wouldn’t get it.  It be like having an adult conversation with an unborn baby.

How do you explain to an unborn baby what’s outside the dark, warm, safe womb he’s in now.  That’s all he knows.  A baby in the womb could only understand a measure of what’s outside based on the experiences and knowledge he’s had.

Dear God story

Try as you may, you couldn’t show an unborn child what the color orange looks like.  You can’t fully explain how beach sand feels between the toes, or what a strawberry tastes like.

You’d never get across how money works, or why one day he’ll hurt and bleed when he pulls his first tooth.

I know God that You’ve explained what we can understood while in the darkness here on earth, but I don’t get most of it, hardly a smidgen, not based on my experiences and knowledge from this world.

I’m sorry to bother you God, but one of my baby teeth is hurting.  I was hoping you could tell me why.

I’d like to understand, God.  I really would.

Look forward seeing You one day when I leave the womb of this earth.



17 thoughts on “Dear God”

  1. Really nice wrap-up Jeff. But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
    Nor have entered into the heart of man, The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” Blessings!

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  2. Dear Jeff, Well done! These type of questions men ask just before an encounter with the only Living God and experience the greater (mature) blessings! Glory to God!
    “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You. Therefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes” … Now the Lord blessed the latter days of Job (Jeff) more than his beginning” (Job:42:5, 6, 12)

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  3. Wow, Jeff, you expressed so well what I have wondered so many times. However, God has given us the gift of faith. We always walk by faith, and not by sight. God keeps his secrets for a reason that only He understands. 🤗

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    1. Sally, you are so right for we do walk by faith and not by sight, but it’s not blind faith, for “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105 My tendency is to want to see one mile down the road for tomorrow instead of just enough light for one more step of faith today like the Bible says. Yikes!! Peace to you, my Newfoundland friend!!


  4. Wonderful post and perfect way to describe how I feel. Right now life is overwhelming with the virus and a husband in the hospital with an almost overnight onset of dementia with no explanation so far. Not being able to be in the hospital with him is agony. There really are no answers but I still believe God loves us and is with us through all of this.

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    1. Mercy sakes!! I can see how that would be overwhelming!! And not being able to be there just compounds it all!!! May the Lord be with you and your husband and peace like a river flow to your soul my friend!!


  5. Excellent post Jeff. Sometimes things in this world don’t make sense. I’ve had a few thoughts similar to what you shared in your post lately mainly due to COVID-19. I keep thinking about Job‘s comment to his wife (paraphrasing) shall we accept good from God but not bad?
    Good reading bro. Stay safe and be well.

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