May It Be

I was dreaming that a small red measuring cup was stuck on my thumb. Don’t ask why. I don’t know. It was an odd dream, but when the alarm clock went off a few minutes ago at 4:45 AM, it immediately “unstuck” the measuring cup.

Staring in the bathroom mirror a minute later, the measuring cup returned. This time though my mind was filled with people who have needs. A dying friend who wants a taste of lemon bars. A precious friend having surgery. A grieving friend trying to find his way in the world. The future, my children, grandchildren.

Feeling other people’s heaviness, hurts and hurdles. It’s almost overwhelming.

It sticks in the soul. There’s an overpowering desire, no, not desire – a deep, unexplainable need to bow before the King of kings. It’s a need to ask almighty, all powerful, all knowing God for peace, comfort, hope and help for those heavy on the heart.

Something like that is as unnatural as a red measuring cup stuck on the thumb. It seldom happens. When it does, experience has taught that something whispered in the ear must be shouted before the Throne. No matter how busy it is or what else is going on, there must be time to stop, drop and roll.

It’s not that the war isn’t won; it is. It’s that if the battle is not fought, it’s lost. And so, may the red measuring cup fall off the thumb today. May trials become blessings. May hurts become strength. May fear turn into faith, sorrow to laughter, trouble to peace. May the whisper in the ear become a shout of victory.

May it be so, Lord. May it be so.

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