OCD Music

The best songs stay with you, or so they say.  Some stay with you so well they become Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!  They mesmerize, yet terrorize, at the same time. 

It starts a never-ending one song play list between the ears that just won’t quit!

I hear some songs, and BOOM! The record needle is stuck playing non-stop, usually nothing more than a snippet of the song, over and over and over!

An overwhelming compulsion puts the mind on lock down.  Driving to work I’ll try to turn on the radio to drown it away. Nope! It’s only temporary relief. When the radio stops, it starts right back rolling. Nothing works to relieve the song duct taped on the brain.

It’s like your mind enters the Hotel California. You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave! And that’s a song that gets stuck sometimes too.hqdefault.jpg

Simple songs are the worst!  Some little ditty catches the attention and demands your complete focus and total admiration. Concentration flies out the window.  Any logical thought process, like a conversation, is overwhelmed by the sound track blaring over loud speakers in the thought sky.  Water boarding would be easier!

And then, some deep meaningful statement is made that forever changes the way you see the world, like how do you spell your bologna’s name?  Or, how do you spell relief?

Others leave nagging questions for the ages! 

So, if you shot the sheriff, then just who do you claim shot the deputy? 


Alright, you ain’t nothing but a hound dog, but why do you cry all the time?

And dude, how could you be married and not know she likes pina coladas and

getting caught in the rain, that she’s not into yoga and half has a brain? And while we’re at it, does it bother you, even a little bit, that she took out a newspaper ad to find your replacement??  

Come on! Wake up Little Susie!! What are we gonna tell your Mama? What do we tell your Pop?

They’ll drive you bonkers!

hqdefault (1).jpg

If the statute of limitations were up, I’d jump up on the table and confess, “OK, OK, OK!  I. Let. The. Dogs. Out!!”

The worst song ever to get stuck in my head is Low Rider!  And I can promise the guy who sang it has never once in his life sucked helium out of a balloon to talk funny!

It only has like ten words in the whole song, but all I can ever remember is his deep voice singing “Low Rider, something…something…something”.  And then it’s followed by the trumpets playing the tune! It’s like auditory cocaine! Then at the end it repeats over and over, “Take a little trip, take a little, take a little trip with me.”

Uh, how about a destination first please? Maybe an itinerary? Seating chart? And do you have snacks for the trip? Oatmeal cookies would be nice.

But even though the music plays in a circle like a hamster running on a wheel, the question begs itself.  Would anyone really want to go on a trip in a low rider?  Hey, if a low rider hits even a little Texas armadillo in the license plate, it’d rip out all the tie rods and under carriage.  Heck, a man-hole cover in this neck of the woods would take out the muffler! 

So no thank you on the trip! Besides, I feel stranger danger.

The song is holding my mind hostage demanding ransom for immediate release! I need help!  I’ll try anything.  Maybe a baby aspirin, Mylanta, or how long has it been since you had a big ole bowl of Wolf Brand Chile! Something!  

Where’s the police when you need them?!

Oh, no.  Don’t!  Pleeeease! NO!

The Hawaii 5-0 theme song just started playing!



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