Taste an Apple

The callousness of day-to-day activities seem to dwarf moments in life that make it real, alive and special.

If life were an onion, the outer shell is work, chores and all the necessary tasks of living.  The outer, crusty shell of the onion can easily overwhelm the core and inner layers where the best and most treasured memories, events and times are held.

Peel life back layer by layer, day by day, and most days aren’t really appreciated, truly experienced, or even remembered, at least by me. It’s an observation, not a condemnation.

Nature itself seems to place our mind on auto pilot to mindlessly glide through the events of the day.  We fly through work and routines to get them done, completed, finished so we can sink down in a chair for a few minutes at the end of the day, just to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Then the hard parts of life hit. We feel all the bumps and bruises of hitting a brick wall. Don’t stop. Push through. Impossible combined with routine equals extraordinary!

Tast an Apple

With age, the outer shell seems to become even thicker, drier, harder.  What they say is true: “The older you get, the faster time flies.”

I wonder if time would slow down if we sat and concentrated on completely experiencing, hearing and seeing all, or even a little part, of the day?

Actually relish the taste of an apple.  Truly experience the sway of a song.  Stop to watch a squirrel scurry up a tree. Feel rain drops instead of running for cover. Become totally absorbed in how your left thumb feels right now.

I guess it’s all too common, too ordinary, too every day to concentrate on the moment, much less comprehend the vastness of this precious day of life.

Maybe a mental stop, drop and roll is in order so the mind’s fire can be extinguished.

I don’t know.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come.  But today, THIS day, THIS moment — it’s here, right now, it’s here!

Taste and see. It may be the best ever!


11 thoughts on “Taste an Apple”

  1. Thank you for this post. The analogy is great, but in thinking of the apple, I have been writing some silly short stories that feature, as the antagonists, a bunch of rotten apples. The protagonist is Det. Sgt. Deviled Yeggs. As I introduce a new character, since a few have been sent to prison already, my wife buys a few apples of that kind, so I can get a taste for the character. This post makes our adventure even more meaningful.

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    1. Lol!! Well, I really like Det. Yeggs, and his wife, who he fondly calls “Angel Cakes” is light hearted, although a bit fluffy in the brain. But we all know that the criminal master mind, the evil General Tso, who’s really just a big chicken, is threatening to turn any prison apple who rats on him into hot strudel! 😊

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  2. Not often am I able to say, “Yes, I did that.” On my walk, this morning, it started to rain. I used to forego walks if it was raining. This time, I simply enjoyed it. It was wonderful. 🙂

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  3. This is really such an important message – thanks for pointing this out, Jeff! I always try to stay focused and think of “The days are long but the years are short” There was a time when I was just wishing days were over and I realized I was wishing my life away! That’s not good! Really like your reference point too – just REALLY taste the apple – appreciate it for all its goodness. Great reminder, Jeff!

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  4. Time certainly does fly. I’ve been arguing with myself for a while about a lot of things. Thank you for this thoughtful post Jeff. Your writing is always very much appreciated.

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    1. Thank you, Kathy! I hope whatever you’re arguing with yourself about works out for the best! The hard part about those arguments is you’re never really sure when you’ve won. Peace to you, my friend!


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