INFJ Ramblings

Sometimes, like today, my mind turns without mercy, like a racing heartbeat when you sit still, or a mighty rushing wind on a cloudless, sunny day.

Twisting, turning, churning within, earthquakes of never ending thoughts, thoughts about everything, turn into tsunamis.  Raging waters flow uphill, gather speed on the way to the mountain top, then dribble down the backside of the mind’s mountain.

The depths don’t surrender the issues of thought. Those things taught, bought or caught by the mind don’t go away.  They dawdle, swirling in and out of consciousness, but always there.

It’s not what isn’t. It’s what is.

What isn’t, isn’t mentioned. What is, is. 

Yet what’s not said speaks loudest, for silence tells all.  The soothing, energizing restoration of silence can heal.  Yet silence can so quickly slip away in the middle of our loud, boisterous, information-based system of living.  

The need to be still and hear leaves rustle remains. Noise, however, usually wins.  Static noise pushes solitude aside with instant news images, the suffocating buzz of cell phones, and a constant push for more, more now, more stimulation to numb the nerves from the essence of life.

Like an organ recipient, there is a life giving gift inside. Yet the very thing that keeps the body alive is the same thing the body attempts to rid itself of.  The body attacks the life-giving organ as an infection or foreign object like it was an enemy, but in reality, it’s the body’s best friend.

Such is noise to silence.  Silence heals, but more sound and stimulation are dumped into the soul in an effort to fill the quiet.

INFJ Ramblings

Introverts, unite!  It’s never been harder to be an introvert.  Where can one go to escape man’s lights, the noise our time, the technology of this day? 

The hemorrhaging of stimulation and busyness drains life from the veins of peace, and breath from the lungs of hope.

It’s exhausting. 

The alarm clock rings early, and keeps ringing, all day, ringing.  Pushing buttons of a busy schedule keeps fingers busy, and fourteen hours later the sun goes down, yet the alarm clock continues to ring.

The cadence of time ticks the same, but someone sped up the earth’s rotation.

Even trying to sit still, a restless knee bounces up and down, up and down, trying to release pent up energy, emotion and stress of a steady ticking clock that moves faster than the brains ability to dispel itself of the adrenaline push.

Tomorrow will be the same. Tasks. Details. Deadlines.

Rush. Hurry. Wait.Rabbits77

Go, now. Now, stop.

Run. Faster.

Sit fast.

Wait, patiently.


Now the day’s almost gone, yet still so much to do in my mind. So much more to do.


25 thoughts on “INFJ Ramblings”

  1. Hi Jeff ! I sure identified with this post ! I’m a fellow INFJ, and desire silence too. That is what made us decide to live perched up on a hill at the very edge of North America. This is where the glaciers meet the salty sea. Ice-berg season is approaching.
    This is an excellent post. Thanks. 😄

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    1. 😁 Thanks so much, Sally! Sometimes that INFJ feels like a cattle brand, a blessing and curse at the same time. I have debated on writing more about INFJ, but it is always nice to identify others in our personality sub-species! 😉


  2. I am not an INFJ but the chatter sometimes exhausts me too. Today it is the news: coronavirus, political primary stuff, Syria, migrants and refugees drowning and children freezing to death. I just CAN NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. So the radio is turned off , the tv news is switched off and peaceful silence descends. You have written an excellent post Jeff.

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  3. Wow! The first half of that,I actually thought I was inside of one of my own writings from long ago. It swirled, turned and churned me around like leaves on a brisk autumn day into memories of writing that bit of poetry with such familiarity. Thank you for your words once again. This took me back to reading the poetry I used to love to write. As always, you have such wonderful ‘ramblings.’ I love reading them. 🙂

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  4. I have finally met another INFJ. Since there are about 1% of us in the world, it’s not easy to meet one. My wife is an ENFJ, and the extrovert-introvert difference has been “interesting” over the years. She is presently in Tennessee babysitting and having a grand time. I am in Pennsylvania having a grand time all alone. But that may soon end. She wants me to come down sometime in May, but it will be rough trying to get her to come back with me. She can’t stand solitude.

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    1. Love it!! We are a rare breed, sometimes quirky, sometimes spooky to ourselves even group!! 🙂 I work with people all day long, and the nights and weekends tell the tale of being revitalized, or exhausted! Silence is just pure gold at times Mark!!! Peace to you, my brother!

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  5. As a fellow INFJ, my computer area is in the basement. If I get carried away with my writing, I would not even know it if a meteor just destroyed Cleveland. And that’s just two hours away, 1.5 hours the way they drive around here.

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