Dear Addie K,

Dear Addie K,

You burst into life a year and half ago!  At first, we loved you solely on whose you were, but now we love you because of who you are.  Your first 1 1/2 years of life have gone by way too fast!

Life is like that. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back and remembering in sepia toned colors.

Seek wisdom, Addie.  When you look back, you’ll smile at the vibrant, bright memories that wisdom can bring!

Education is important, Addie K, but wisdom is worth far more than silver and gold!  Search out wisdom, particularly wisdom found in the Bible like in Proverbs and James!

Truth, real truth, is absolute and it’s seldom found inside you. What you “feel” about truth is just a feeling or an opinion.  In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you or anyone else likes it.  The Bible is absolute truth!

Daddy, Mommy and Addie K

Some people lie. They proclaim their thoughts or ideas as truth, but it’s just a figment of their imagination or simply a convenient thought.

That’s not truth.  Believing a lie doesn’t make it true. It just means you’ve been deceived, or worse, simply foolish.

In your lifetime Addie, you may have to stand for truth, real, total truth, and standing for truth may cost you, dearly. Even so, stand, and stand strong!

Let wisdom be your road signs. Let Scripture light your path!

Remember this Addie K, for it will serve you well throughout your life.

Just because they’re dressed alike doesn’t make the feeling mutual!

And by the way, sometimes life will seem bad.  Sometimes we get impatient with today. Sometimes we think a different age or another stage of life will be better.

Life doesn’t start at a certain age or stage, like when you finish school, or own a house, get a job, or whatever else tempts your mind to be discontent.

Some people never find contentment.  They tend to live for the next event or time of life, yet when that stage gets here, it seldom satisfies.

In fact, many people live life in the future when they’re young, and in the past when they’re old.

Live today!  In all of its imperfect, chaotic, wonderful glory, enjoy this moment!  Savor today like honey on your tongue, and music to your ears!  Otherwise, time will just be sand flowing through your fingers and you’ll never catch any at all.

Addie K, even as a little tike, you have spunk, girl!  And as personable and sweet as your demeanor is, you still have a hint of mischievousness in you.  It twinkles in your eyes. 

Go with it!

Don’t hurt anyone, but go ahead and paint your daddy’s toenails with polish, and put make up on his face when he’s asleep on the couch. (Just know that some things you’ll only get away with once!)

Laugh with gusto. Joke around with others.  At the same time though, never laugh at someone else’s expense.  Don’t make fun of people’s shortcomings or weaknesses.  Instead, bring them into your laughter, laughter where no one is hurt.  Help others smile, and they’ll smile on you.

Addie K, defend the defenseless!  Speak for the powerless.  Share with the poor. Help those down get up.

At the same time, study people.  There are always people who think they are superior intelligence, yet parade as fools.

Don’t make snap decisions like they do.  Just because a picture, recording or a snippet of video looks one way, always look at the whole picture.  Those who rush to judgement on a whim run with fools.

Study the past, and the present, and maybe you can comprehend the future.

 Walk in truth. Keep step with the wise.

One more thing, Addie K!  Listen to mom and dad! You are a joy to them!  When you’re old enough to decide for yourself, circle back around before, not after you make a decision, and ask them what they think.

There is safety in good counsel, Addie!  You’ll be amazed at their insights!

If you don’t know who else to ask for counsel, you have a HUGE family to pull from!

Here are 20 life thoughts, sweetheart, to keep in mind.

1. Act prudently.  Think about something beforehand.  What seems like a “good idea” today may be your worst memory tomorrow.

2. Watch the stars.  Marvel at sunsets.

3. Say thank you every chance you get.  One day the chance will be gone.

4. Screen time is lost time.

5. Dance in the grocery store aisle.

6. Chase your pot of gold dreams when you’re young. Sometimes, there’s only one chance to see what’s at the end of the rainbow.

7. Listen for Jesus’ whispers instead of ignoring His shouts.

8. Laugh until it hurts.

9. Read. Written words are better in your mind than when the movie comes out.

10. Make sure toilet paper is not stuck to the bottom of your shoe. (A friend told me this.)

11. It’s the little things that make big things happen.

PawPaw, JJ and Addie K

12. Enjoy work. You’re not entitled to anything. Work for it.

13. Don’t fall asleep in the sun after being up all night long.

14. Listen to your dad about guys.

15. Watch your nickels and dimes, and the dollars will take care of themselves.

16. Don’t pull any of your uncle’s fingers, any uncle, any finger!

17. If you want lots of friends, overlook petty words and disagreements.

18. Keep your room clean.  Chaos starts with an unmade bed.

19. When angry, tempted, or hurt, do the OPPOSITE of what your human nature wants to do.

20. Remember, complicated problems are usually a series of simple questions not all answered correctly.

Lastly, Addie K, know this — it’s going to be alright! Always remember you are loved and treasured!

Welcome to our family, and enjoy your life’s journey!

Love always,


Deuteronomy 30:11-20


15 thoughts on “Dear Addie K,”

    1. Oh Anne! Thank you! This is my 3rd son and his wonderful wife. I probably need to introduce my family more…there are are a lot of us!! I have 8 children, Janet has 3, so when we are ALL together, there’s 31 of us! And this sounds crazy, but it’s never full if even one Is missing!


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