Valentine’s Day Quandry

I stopped in the grocery store on the way home two nights ago.  Inside was a mini-madhouse of people planning to rush in to run out, but the checkout aisles were clogged.

I grabbed my items and stopped to look at candy on the Valentine’s Day aisle.  A high school boy, no more than 16 years old, stood wide mouthed staring.

He was obviously self-conscience and felt out of place, rubbing his thumbs in the palms of his hands.  I’m guessing his palms were moist, but his mouth was dry.  Nonetheless, he stood there gawking at the candy, cards and stuffed animals.

The fact that the young man was shopping three days ahead of time for a Valentine’s gift was a little surprising. Good for him!

So after I had looked up and down the aisle, the young fellow was still standing there shell shocked.  I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I asked if he was buying for his girlfriend.  He looked surprised, like I was a mind reader! Everyone in the store who cared to notice him instantly knew the same thing.

He quickly nodded. “Yes sir! There’s a lot of stuff here!”

I laughed.  “Yep! You know, (little pause) it’s really not about what you buy.  It’s really more about the thought you put into it and the heart you give it with.”

He glanced at me like I was speaking Latin, but obliged me with a courteous, “Yes sir.”

Valentine's Day Quandry

A second later he looked back and said, “My girlfriend’s a junior (in high school) and I’m not sure whether to get her candy, flowers or a stuffed animal.”

His subtle invitation for advice made me feel like a wise old sage. I answered slowly, “Well, yes!”


“Yes. All of it! Yes.”

His eyes looked panicky, like his wallet was about to explode.

“Just think it through though.  What would mean the most? What would be best for a lasting impression?”

“I don’t know.  I was thinking candy and a teddy bear, but maybe a bigger one.”

He was looking at some little bears and motioned toward a heart shaped box of chocolates.

“That’s good, and maybe you could attach a little note to it.”

He picked up the heart box of chocolates and looked at me.  “Thank ya. That’s what I’ll do, but get her a bigger bear than this from Walmart.”

Off he rushed to the congested checkout line before he could run out.

I wish I could have stalked followed him to Walmart and secretly watch to see what he ended up chosing.  I didn’t remember until a few minutes after he was gone about stuffed animals at Walmart.

A couple of days before, I’d seen the granddaddy of all teddy bears in buggies at the front of Walmart. Each bear filled its own shopping cart! ONLY $130.00 a piece!!

I was so amused by the enormous bears that I took the picture below.


A Walmart checkout lady noticed me taking the picture and saw them for the the first time. (So much for being aware of your surroundings.)

She blinked her eyes in disbelief at the teddy bears, and I’m pretty sure her 3-inch long false eyelashes were going to beat bruises on her cheeks.

She asked, “How much they want for that?”

I told her $130.

“Oh lordie me!! Ain’t nobody need to go buy that! That just crazy! I ain’t even got room for that in my house!” Shaking her finger with her other hand on her hip she said, “Uh uh! That ain’t happening!  I’d have to move out a chair just to fit it in!”

She’s right. But still, you could re-purpose the enormous Valentine’s bear!  Just take the stuffing out, put on the bear material, and use it as a Halloween costume!

How spooky would that be?  A giant walking, talking Winnie the Pooh carrying a chainsaw!  Perfect!

I’ve been wondering what the young man ended up buying.  I wish I knew.

Did he join the urge to splurge? Or weep with the cheap?

I’d bet though that he was so mesmerized by the gigantic bears he didn’t even feel his wallet exploding! I bet he proudly plopped down $130 plus tax for a bear, a bear only a teenage boy would think was the absolutely perfect Valentine’s gift!

I really wish I knew for sure! I really wish I knew!


















16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Quandry”

  1. I’ve always wanted one of those bears. I could never justify the cost. However, Sam’s Club had big dogs for cheap, and mine sits on the bed and acts as a pillow against my back. 🙂


  2. During Easter a few years ago Target had these giant stuffed chicks and bunnies for only $10 or $15 each. They became the pinnacle of all things Catelyn had ever wanted in her life. She got them – they were bigger than her. THANKFULLY she gave one to a friend at a sleep over, and now I just have to deal with the bunny. Stupid giant space taker bunny!

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