Rainy Days

It’s going to rain all day.  Some say how great that is. Others say it’s horrible.  It’s the same place, same day, almost the same people.

They know each other well, yet their perspectives differ vastly.  It’s not that one’s right, or one’s wrong.  It’s just, different.

For some, rainy days are sad, depressing, maybe even frightening when the wind roars and thunder rolls.

Maybe it’s a psychological reminder of rainy days and storms gone by, yet consequences of those days resonate in the soul.  There were things to do, places to go, plans made, and now, it’s all scrapped onto a rubbish pile while the clouds cry.

Maybe it’s figurative. Maybe the sun is just being lazy, sleeping in and resting in bed all day, occasionally dozing off under the dark, cloudy covers of the sky.

Maybe it’s scientific.  Simply the lower barometric pressure effects the mind causing the brain to suppress its endorphins.

My Rainy Days story

What makes some rainy days so long, laborious, and emotionally dark that rainy days drain some people’s zest for life, making the day dark pale and gloomy?  Yet for others, rainy days are sparks of newness, a freshness that comes only when the sky opens its faucets.

Maybe it’s just pleasant memories etched in the mind’s neurons.  The pitter patter sound of rain on the roof, the sweet smell of approaching rain clouds, or the feel of raindrops tickling the skin all bring back a secure feeling of more nostalgic times.

Maybe it’s literal because rainy days truly nurture nature itself, a vital part in the circle of life.

Maybe it’s opportunistic as rainy days become welcome interruptions to reprioritize, reengage and revitalize.

Maybe it’s spiritual because rainy days are God’s blessings flowing from heaven’s throne.  Today’s dark rain makes tomorrow so much brighter.

Maybe it’s physical because for some they will drink hot tea, amble through the hours wearing old, loose fitting clothes, slowly unwinding today before being wound back up in tomorrow’s sunshine.

What makes rainy days electrifying, exciting, even exhilarating for some, while others have their energy, enthusiasm, even hope seemingly wander away?

I don’t know.

Rainy Days story

I do know rainy days are powerful.  And even though rainy days are difficult at times, they bring new life.

Each falling raindrop dies to itself as it explodes on the ground.  Yet in dying to itself, the raindrop lives on in thousands of pieces and parts, hydrating the hope of life on earth.

In turn, grass grows.  Flowers sprout buds that bloom and blossom, then day by day, release its petals and heart back up to the sun.

The sun’s lazy slumber wakes up clear days in a shining raw, nude warmth. It  mischievously reflects itself to the other side of earth on the moon.  Onward sunshine dances, and always marching on at the speed of light to celestial music orchestrated by the sun, stars and planets. RabBits 27

Both rainy and sunny days respond in kind.

Life’s rainy days seemingly pour out pain, yet even in pain, rainy days, at least in part, open the skies of heaven so we can ask the questions that matter most.

One by one, rainy day answers narrow the miles between heart and head and eventually allow pain to gradually subside. Even though the rainy days may still occasionally cause knee buckling agony, when the rain stops, an overwhelming hand raising joy begins to shine in the honesty and trust of the sun, diminishing the fear and trembling of rainy days.

Maybe then, maybe only then, can an abiding sunrise can peek over the horizon to start a new, sunny day.  Maybe then, it will help make here, make this place, make right now, the greatest place, the greatest day of our life on earth.

Don’t despair in today’s rain, for this too shall pass, and tomorrow, tomorrow will be clear, sunny skies.


13 thoughts on “Rainy Days”

  1. Thank you, Jeff. We are experiencing this heavy rainfall in the Southeastern part. This verse from 2 Samuel is a favorite of mine, sandwiched between David’s description of one who rules and the everlasting covenant God made with him.”ordered in all things (sun or rain) and sure.” Blessings as we wait for the Lord’s sun to shine again.

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  2. Reading this (it’s great), I was thinking how many perspectives and real life context goes into how we view and live out each day. We are north so it’s snow and cold (-22 today). The pure white brightness of a cold snow covered morning will almost blind someone. So Samuel covered it all!

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